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If you have arrived here then you probably have a Data Warehouse, Big Data, Data Integration, Migration or Master Data Management project, or you may be engaged in a Data Governance initiative or have a requirement to deliver an enterprise view of data for an architecture project.

Whatever it is you will probably be aware that packaged applications can present a significant challenge when you are engaged in the Source Data Analysis phase of any of those projects

What should be the relatively simple task of quickly finding the tables you need together with their related tables can rapidly become a tortuous, manual and time-consuming process.  If you have large, complex and customised applications from SAP, Oracle or other vendors then the job can be of such magnitude that it delays delivery, causes overspend or puts the whole project at risk.

If you have ever needed to understand application metadata to find the right tables in large sophisticated and often highly customised applications then you are familiar with the problem that Safyr solves.

You have also probably identified that the sheer volume of the number of tables (over 90,000 in the case of SAP), the naming conventions, high degree of customisation and the idiosyncrasies of each application are only a part of the problem.

The real challenge is ensuring that the time taken to discover and understand these tables does not seriously delay the project, or cause overspend, or reduce the scope of delivery.where's your data

Even more critical is that you do not damage the trust the business has in the data it is using on a day to day basis by delivering inaccurate data as a result of inaccurate discovery.

Traditionally discovery and scoping for Enterprise systems from SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and other vendors has been undertaken by searching for often incomplete documentation, involved a considerable amount of manual effort and informed guesswork or passed to an already overworked technical specialist.

This has meant that a significant amount of time and resource has been expended on this activity often resulting in cost and time overrun, under delivery and inaccuracy.

Safyr offers a new approach and delivers a solution which automates the physical metadata Discovery and Extraction stage and helps you to complete the Scoping phase in a fraction of the time it has taken in the past and much more easily and accurately than ever before.

JDE 3If you are interested to learn how we can help you to achieve this, then please take some time to explore this site and learn more about how Safyr automates metadata discovery and allows you to do the scoping rapidly, independently and sure in the knowledge that you are working with 100% accurate information.

There are online demonstrations, webinars to attend and you can request a free evaluation copy of the software, complete with sample metadata, to try out yourself.


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Alternatively if you want to talk to us directly, please call +44 1344 876553 or email info@silwoodtechnology.com and we will respond as soon as we can.



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