Safyr for Microsoft Dynamics 365

We are delighted to announce that Safyr for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) will be available in December.

It’s been a while since we added a new data source type to the list of systems Safyr can work with, and that’s about to change.

ERP application software market share

We’ve had capability for Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM for some time, but we’ve had to turn away customers who wanted metadata from their Dynamics 365 applications to be loaded into Safyr and then used for data catalog and other projects. That will change now that Safyr for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available. The increasing number of enquiries for Dynamics 365 we have received reflects the growth of Microsoft as an enterprise packaged application vendor.

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Are you still asking your BASIS teams for information about SAP tables and fields?

How do you find relevant SAP tables for your data management projects?

We talk to a good number of SAP customers, many of whom are struggling to find the right SAP tables, programs or other components for their enterprise data warehouse, data catalog, data governance, data migration and other initiatives. The same problem reoccurs with each new project and often causes budget overrun, delays and more worryingly a lack of trust in the data by the business.

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How you can find personal data fields in an SAP system for CCPA and GDPR

Why finding metadata for personal data in ERP and CRM systems for CCPA and GDPR is hard.

The State of California’s California Consumer Privacy Act and EU General Data Protection Regulation, usually referred to as CCPA and GDPR, together with regulations imposed by other governments and states,  have placed more responsibility on organisations for managing and releasing the personal data and information they hold about individuals. (This is an edited and updated version of a blog first posted in 2018).

Depending on the regulation these data items can refer to customers, employees, citizens, business partners etc. As time goes on more and more countries or individual states will implement similar regulations on companies operating under their jurisdiction.

One of the prerequisites for being able to identify and manage personal data is to know where it resides across your organisation’s IT systems. In order to do this it is critical to be able understand the metadata in these systems. In many cases they will give up the metadata relevant to personal data relatively easily.

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Who looks after the data assets in your company?

What corporate assets do you have?

In the context of this article I am not referring to those on the balance sheet such as equipment, stock, debtors and perhaps buildings but more about those which are commonly referred to as critical assets in enabling you to achieve your targets and goals. In addition to your people, customers, brand value there is one further resource that many organisations are increasingly focussed on – your data assets.

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