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Data Model of SAP Bill of Materials Explosion – download here

Quickly and easily finding the SAP tables you are looking for can be a challenge

Quickly and easily finding the SAP tables you are looking for can be a challenge

We are in the process of providing content which will give some insight into those common business areas in SAP and ORACLE applications, for which data models are often required for Information Management projects.

The first one I have created is a data model of the SAP tables used in the BOM Explosion process.  The model was created following some analysis in Safyr® and then exported. It’s available below in PowerDesigner and Erwin formats.  I can make it available in other formats for anyone that doesn’t have these tools – just drop me a message via the comments box stating your desired format and I’ll see what I can do. In case you would like to see how I have achieved this, I’ve also put together a short video showing how the tables that make up the model were determined. Shown are the Bill of Materials Explosion tables from a standard SAP ECC6 system. These may not be identical to the set of tables implemented at a given customer site due to customisations.  This model is shown at the Primary and Foreign key level.  Full attribute information is available using the other model display levels. As we are providing something which is usable in some contexts… here is the legal bit. In no event will Silwood Technology Ltd be liable for any indirect, special or consequential loss arising out of or in any way relating to the use or performance or the use or misuse of the information presented in this model.

Here is the link to the download of the model in PowerDesigner format: https://www.silwoodtechnology.com/downloads/Experts%20Corner/bomexplosionpowerdesigner.zip

Here is the link to the download of the ERwin model: https://www.silwoodtechnology.com/downloads/Experts%20Corner/bomexplosionerwin.zip

Here is the link to the video showing how they were created: https://www.silwoodtechnology.com/downloads/Experts%20Corner/bomexplosionvideo.zip

I hope they are useful, please let me know what you think.

Nick Porter

Technology Director

Want to know how Safyr could give you data models of your SAP system? Please click here


  1. Anonymous


    What a powerful tool – I had not known of SAFYR – but this model is very complete as I would use it – key relationships, cardinality. Opened easily in PowerDesigner! Thank you for sharing some great technology! What a find to know about this… Scott Johnson, Data Profiling and Data Quality Consulting, Denver, CO, USA

    • silwoodblog

      Hi Simon

      Thanks for the interest.

      We can create the model in a range of things like ERwin and PowerDesigner. We can also export to certain versions of Visio.

      I believe Mega can import an ERwin file. I will see if I can find out which format and if you are interested I can send you the BOM model in that format.

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