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Consulting and Training

Silwood Technology provide a range of consulting and training services to help you get started quickly and to ensure that you gain the maximum value from your use of Safyr® in the shortest possible time.


Safyr® is known for its rapid return on investment and the speed which users can get to grips with its use. Sometimes however for a variety of reasons you may need some additional assistance; for example in delivering the first extractions from your ERP or CRM applications and performing the initial metadata analysis and export functions. This is where our Consulting services can help you to deliver the results you are expecting quickly and economically by working with you in a variety of ways when appropriate:

    • Initial Safyr implementation, metadata extraction and analysis work
    • Provide complete metadata discovery project work during which we utilise the Discovery method developed by our consultants to ensure the most efficient use of Safyr
    • Help you to develop and implement Safyr standards and processes across different project and business groups
    • Blended technology transfer assignments
    • Short term assistance to cover resource constraints
    • Develop custom metadata extractions for applications not supported ‘out of the box’ by Safyr
    • Build custom Safyr export transports to the modelling, integration, metadata management and other technologies.


Training services

Safyr® delivers extremely rapid return on investment for customers.  This means that there no need for training courses which last days or even weeks. It is important however for users to be comfortable with the product and for them to be able to install, administer and use it with their ERP or CRM application metadata as quickly as possible.

Silwood Technology have developed a training course designed to help you become competent in Safyr in a very short space of time.Training in Safyr can be delivered to individuals or groups either in traditional classroom style over 1 day or over the internet via Live Meeting over two half days.

The content covers everything a user needs in order to become familiar with Safyr and covers the following topics:

      • Installation, configuration & administration
      • Connecting to source applications
      • Metadata extraction
      • Browsing metadata models
      • Using application hierarchies in Safyr
      • Creating and using Subject areas
      • Exporting metadata
      • Advanced techniques

For an initial discussion on your consulting requirements or to book a training course please email info@silwoodtechnology.com or call +44 1344 876553.



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