Metadata for Custom and Packaged Applications (e.g., SAP, PeopleSoft, more) integrated for comprehensive impact, gap, and data lineage analysis NAPLES, Fla Tuesday July 12th 2005 – ASG, an enterprise software and professional services provider to Global 5000 companies, announced today the availability of a solution for providing an integrated understanding of packaged applications (such as SAP and PeopleSoft) along side and with the same clarity as custom developed applications. The offering is the result of a partnership that combines ASG’s market-leading metadata repository with Silwood Technology’s market leading ERP metadata intelligence tool Saphir. Understanding how to integrate data from a packaged application into a data warehouse or with custom developed applications can be extremely challenging and costly. Complexity of packaged applications comes in terms of the size (i.e., some have more than 25,000 database tables) and the cryptic nature of naming conventions (e.g., table name of “T5JC3” and field name of “BEGDA”). From the beginning, specialists were required to help understand, implement, change, and otherwise manage these large and complex applications. Without a broad understanding, organizations have been forced to see packaged application as more of a “black box” that is difficult to fully understand, integrate, and manage. Those days are now over. “By providing integrated views and enabling impact analysis across the scope of packaged and custom developed applications, the solution gives our customers greater control and manageability for their IT assets”, said ASG President and CEO Arthur L. Allen. “ASG is the market-leading provider of integrated metadata management solutions and the relationship with Silwood Technology delivers unprecedented transparency for business and technical users to understand and leverage the integrated value of packaged applications.” In addition to more comprehensive impact analysis, ASG’s support for version and configuration management allows changes to be understood between multiple versions of a packaged application. The understanding for changes incorporates the customizations an organization makes to the packaged application. These comprehensive views can be presented in both textual and graphical view from a web-based or rich-client interface. “Saphir’s unique ability to easily scope and capture metadata from enterprise-level, packaged applications sets it apart in the market”, said Silwood Technology’s CEO Graham Simpson. “we are delighted to join forces with ASG to extend the range of high value metadata solutions that Saphir delivers to corporations as they seek to maximize their investment in enterprise applications.” ASG Metadata Management products provide an efficient and scalable infrastructure for collecting, understanding, managing, and communicating a single point of truth to business and technical users regarding organization’s processes, data, applications, infrastructure and their relationships. These unique capabilities solve many business problems related to communication and understanding in areas such as the data warehouse, enterprise architecture, data management and integration, the data dictionary, and more. For more information about ASG’s Integrated Metadata Management Solutions, visit

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Founded in 1986, ASG is a privately held global enterprise software and professional services firm that provides a full range of software solutions in the Metadata Management, Applications Management, Operations Management, Content Management, Performance Management, Security Management, and Infrastructure Management arenas. ASG is headquartered in Naples, Florida, USA, with more than 45 offices serving the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia/Pacific. For more information, visit ASG at About Silwood Technology Ltd Founded in 1992 Silwood Technology is a leading supplier of enterprise modeling and metadata management tools. The company has pioneered the use of metadata extraction and analysis for the purpose of building accurate data models. Silwood has partnerships and global distribution relationships with leading tools vendors such as Computer Associates, ASG and Telelogic. ### To schedule an interview with an ASG professional, contact Neil Myers by calling 805.687.4236 or e-mailing