Safyr delivers on demand data models for large software application packages

July 2016, Ascot, UK

Silwood Technology Limited today announced the availability of a new, free service which delivers on demand data models representing specific business concepts from the metadata in some of the world’s largest packaged applications from SAP, Salesforce and Oracle. Safyr® metadata discovery software is used to surface and deliver these models in a variety of formats.

The company are making available a number of on demand data models which represent commonly requested business concepts from the packaged applications supported by their market leading metadata discovery and scoping tool, Safyr®. The packaged applications include SAP Business Suite, Salesforce, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Siebel and Oracle EBusiness Suite.

Roland Bullivant, Silwood Technology Sales and Marketing Director commented “This is a great way for our customers and partners to be able to gain insight into important areas of their application data models quickly and easily and at no cost. It also gives people an opportunity to assess the potential value that Safyr offers before downloading and installing our free trial system and undertaking a full evaluation.”

To select and request these models, a visitor to the Silwood website ( merely needs to navigate to the Data Model area on the home page, choose the software application of interest and then pick the model required. There is also an option to ask for the model to be delivered in one of a variety of formats. These include those for data modeling tools such as ERwin, ER/Studio, SAP PowerDesigner and more generic formats such as XML, PDF and CSV.

The models will comprise ‘logical’ and ‘physical’ tables and field names plus primary and foreign key relationships between the tables. This type of information is of huge value to anyone who needs it for ‘data’ related projects. Due to the complexity of these applications and the lack of easily available metadata, it is normally invisible to users unless they happen to be technical specialists and have the time to find it.

The models are based on Silwood Technology’s own development implementations of these packages and so will not necessarily reflect what would be contained in a customer’s own system, especially any customisations.

Silwood Technology’s Safyr® Application Metadata Intelligence software product accelerates the delivery of the benefits from any data or information management projects which require an understanding of the metadata which underpins SAP and other major packages from Salesforce and Oracle.

Safyr achieves this by extracting the application metadata from the target system as implemented and giving data professionals control over their ability to understand and exploit the application data model and ensuring that they are working with accurate information and reducing the risks associated with an incomplete understanding of the data.

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About Silwood Technology
Silwood Technology is the leading supplier of tools & services that enable enterprise architects and data professionals to explore, discover and visualize the data structures and relationships of large Enterprise Application Packages such as SAP, SAP BW, Salesforce, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel and Oracle E-Business Suite.

Silwood Technology’s unique toolset, Safyr® allows users to build up their own domain knowledge of these complex application packages in support of key projects such as Data Modelling, BI/Data Warehousing, Master Data Management, Data Integration and Enterprise Application Integration as well as Data Lineage, SOA, Enterprise Architecture and Test Data Management.

Sample customers include: BP, Boeing, Hydro Tasmania, VW Financial Services, Proctor & Gamble, RS Components, AMD, Costco, and Commscope.

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