Ascot, Berkshire UK, November 1st, 2013

Silwood Technology Limited today announced its SAFYR® version 6.0 solution for rapid discovery and scoping of metadata has achieved SAP-certified integration with the SAP® ERP application running on the SAP HANA® platform. SAFYR is a metadata discovery tool that enables organizations to extract and analyze the metadata found within their SAP software. The tool helps organizations speed their information management projects, with trust in the resulting data.

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The SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) has certified that SAFYR 6.0 integrates with SAP ERP 6.0 powered by SAP HANA. SAFYR provides customers with a means to browse and understand SAP data tables in SAP ERP running on SAP HANA. Tables and relationships can be located easily and placed into subject areas. The subject areas can then be used by range of enterprise architecture, modeling and metadata tools including SAP Sybase® PowerDesigner® software, with which it helps to deliver a complete collaborative, model-driven approach to managing data architectures. Only metadata is read and then transferred to SAFYR by using ABAP® -based functionality provided by the SAFYR connector.

“We are delighted to announce SAFYR 6.0 has certified integration with SAP ERP running on SAP HANA,” said Graham Simpson, managing director, Silwood Technology Limited. “SAP HANA represents a huge leap forward in enabling companies to further realise the business potential of their solutions and in enterprise information management projects. We are pleased that SAFYR will be able to assist customers to leverage the most value from their investment in SAP ERP running on SAP HANA.”

With SAFYR 6.0, customers and partners have a solution designed and engineered for metadata discovery and scoping. The solution can deliver accurate metadata, even with customised systems, and can allow the results to be used with other tools such as SAP Sybase PowerDesigner software as well as data-integration solutions.

In operation, SAFYR quickly reverse engineers metadata and stores it in its own database repository where it can be accessed by data analysts, architects, data warehouse designers and other users who need to be able find the tables and related tables to help them achieve their tasks rapidly and easily. The results are used to help assure that projects involving database solutions, master data management, data integration and enterprise architecture are using the correct tables and related tables in order to deliver their anticipated benefits. SAFYR can cut the time required for discovery and scoping of tables to hours or days, which helps reduce the risk of a project going over time and budget or under-delivering.

About Silwood Technology Limited

Silwood Technology is a leading supplier of tools and services that enable data analysts, enterprise architects and data modelers to explore, document and visualize data structures of large and often customized enterprise application packages.

Silwood Technology’s unique product, SAFYR, allows users to build up their own domain knowledge of these highly sophisticated application packages in support of almost every application and information lifecycle project including upgrade, rationalization, migration, data warehouse, analytics, master data management, governance and more.

Visit to find out how you can use SAFYR technology to accelerate the data discovery phase in your project, improve the chances of on time delivery and increase the trust the business has in the resulting data.

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