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Safyr® Version 7 brings new capabilities to ERP/CRM metadata discovery for GDPR compliance

Safyr® Version 7 offers increased flexibility and speed of incorporating metadata about Personal Data from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and Salesforce packages into GDPR compliance programs. The new Metadata Reporting capability provides additional scope for publishing ERP and CRM metadata in Excel.

Ascot, Berkshire, June 02, 2017

Silwood Technology Limited today announce the availability of Safyr Version 7. More details are available here: https://www.silwoodtechnology.com/safyr/safyr-7-supporting-gdpr/

This release of the world’s leading metadata discovery software product for large ERP and CRM packages has been made in response to the need to incorporate their data in GDPR compliance programs.

Safyr has always delivered the ability to rapidly dissect and navigate the metadata in large complex applications from SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and Microsoft in a meaningful way to accelerate delivery of a variety of Information or Data Management projects. For GDPR, it is critical that organisations are able to find where their packaged ERP and CRM systems hold anything that can be defined as Personal Data and then to use that information in the context of their overall compliance platform or solution.

Silwood have recognised that this is not a traditional data modeling problem. It is more a challenge associated with documenting where these fields or attributes exist and in making that information more readily available to third party applications.

There are two key new features included with this release of Safyr.

Firstly Silwood has added capabilities to make it even easier to find and then mark those fields within tables which describe Personal Data. This makes it possible to isolate all instances of a particular term (e.g. “birth) across an entire system and then document that information for use elsewhere. 

The new Marked Field feature in Safyr Version 7 is designed to address the problem of having large numbers of unwanted or irrelevant attributes in some tables which is a significant challenge in many ERP and CRM
packages. Safyr can be used to filter out attributes which are not needed for GDPR or for other data management projects
wherever necessary.

Using this approach customers can use Safyr to combine several sets of Personal Data attributes into a single
manageable grouping.

The second key feature released with Safyr 7 is an enhanced Metadata Reporting function. Safyr has always been able to support the export of Subject Area content to a variety of different tools and file formats. This has ensured that Safyr can play its full part in Data Modeling, Data Warehouse, Data Migration, Governance and other projects.

Metadata reporting has been introduced to add an important new capability to the export features and delivers the ability to export Safyr content directly to Excel. In addition Silwood have added a great degree of flexibility to allow the user to select exactly what is exported.

Commenting on these new features, Sales and Marketing Director, Roland Bullivant said, “we believe that the new features delivered in Safyr 7 will make a major contribution to the ability of our customers and partners to comply with GDPR. Finding Personal Data in these large packages is a huge problem in such a short time frame and one which we help to solve with Safyr.”

Note to customers & partners:

Safyr Version 7 is available for immediate release.

Please contact support(at)silwoodtechnology(dot)com for full information on functionality, support for specific Enterprise Applications and upgrade procedures.

About Silwood Technology Ltd

Silwood Technology Ltd is the leading supplier of enterprise Application Metadata Discovery software. The company has pioneered the use of metadata extraction and analysis for the purpose of building accurate data models of Enterprise Applications including SAP, SAP BW, SAP S/4HANA, Salesforce, Siebel, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Oracle E-Business Suite and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. 

Silwood markets Safyr both directly and via relationships with key Information and Data Management solution vendors such as erwin Inc., IBM, Unicom, Datum, SNP Harlex, ASG Technologies, Adaptive Inc. and Semanta Corporation.

For further information contact:
Sue Edwards (sedwards(at)silwoodtechnology(dot)com)
Silwood Technology Ltd,
SBC, Silwood Park, Ascot,
Berkshire, SL5 7PW, UK
Or visit http://www.silwoodtechnology.com

Note: SAP is the trademark or registered trademarks of SAP AG. All other company and product names may be
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