Silwood Technology Partners With Global Data Strategy, a Leading Global Information Management Consulting Company

Global Data Strategy have deep technical knowledge of data management as well as business expertise and key skills in identifying new business opportunities using data and information and applying the right technology to realise them. They also manage and coordinate the people, processes and culture necessary for successful implementation of new data led initiatives.

Global Data Strategy will bring the value of Silwood’s Safyr® software product to customers who have invested in SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, and other Enterprise application packages and who are seeking to align business drivers with data-centric technology to uncover new opportunities for increased profitability & growth.

Safyr will provision the programs delivered by Global Data Strategy with hard to find data models and metadata from SAP, Salesforce and Oracle systems. This will allow them to more easily and quickly develop and deliver solutions for major projects involving those packages.  

”Metadata and data models are critical to the success of enterprise data solutions, and more and more of our customers are looking for innovative ways to gather both business and technical metadata, particularly for packaged solutions. Silwood Technology offers a valuable solution to help discover business-critical metadata from solutions that had previously been difficult to integrate with the wider enterprise landscape” said Donna Burbank, Managing Director of Global Data Strategy, Ltd.

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