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We work with a number of OEM and Reseller partners.

Our OEM partners embed or closely integrate Safyr into their own products to add value to their own offering so that they are able to differentiate, meet customer requirements for SAP and Oracle application metadata discovery. Resellers can be product or service companies who have identified the value that Safyr can bring to their overall offering, helping them to put clear blue water between them and their competition, increase revenue opportunities and deepen their customer relationships.

Partners are


Cortell is a business consulting firm specialising in building and implementing Business Performance Management (BPM) Solutions for medium to large organisations. They have extensive experience and expertise in information management, process modelling and reporting.

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Datum LLC are an information management solutions company providing data governance software (Information Value Management®) that translates business objectives into functional designs improving quality and speed to automation.

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Data to Value provide consultancy, advice and practical assistance to bluechip organisations wishing to maximise the value of their data assets. They combine expertise in the latest, cutting edge technologies with practical business experience delivering wide- ranging data projects using an approach called Lean Data Management..

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Safyr is used to populate Adaptive Metadata Manager (MM) with data models from SAP and Oracle applications....

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erwin® Safyr Option enables modelers to browse and subset SAP and Oracle metadata which is then imported into erwin as fully functional data...

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Based in Zagreb, Croatia, Pardus are a leading supplier of IT solutions and services. They resell Safyr to enable their enterprise customers accelerate their return from major application packages.

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AnalytiX DS enables customers to deliver data integration and ETL projects faster and more economically by automating those traditional manual processes in metadata management/metadata scanning, pre-ETL source-to-target mapping, ETL conversion and code automation. This helps customers eliminate excel based mapping approaches.

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ValueGroup Russia are a specialist company experienced in developing the Russia / CIS markets for global software companies.

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IBM Corporation license Safyr under two OEM agreements

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Corso is a global products and services company specializing in solutions for Enterprise Architecture, Strategic Planning and Business Process. ...

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Grid-Tools use Safyr to enable them to understand the data models in SAP and Oracle and use them with their Datamaker test data management suite...

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VisualMetrics are a Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing systems provider who specialise in delivering enhanced Performance Management...

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ASG use Safyr to deliver data models from complex SAP and Oracle applications to ASG Rochade their market leading Metadata Repository solution. ...

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Grandite use Safyr to provide data models from SAP and Oracle applications to their SILVERRUN Enterprise Modeling tools....

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Practical advice on creating and implementing comprehensive Data Governance policies and procedures and solutions for Information Lifecycle...

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Creating innovative software solutions that lower the costs of accessing live and archived data and controlling the size of ever growing databases. ...

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BIReady is the market leader in Data Warehouse Automation software. Use BIReady to reduce costs and speed up your Data Warehouse development projects....

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Edenhouse is an award winning SAP Consultancy with a passion for delivery and customer care. ...

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InfoLibrarian Corporation is a leading provider of metadata management and integration solutions....

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MLSV Consulting speciality lies in understanding data, data structures and how to use data in releasing business intelligence to support management...

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Business Improvement Consultants who specialise in Performance Management, OEE, and Supply Chain Management. ...

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The most advanced, off-the-shelf, Business Intelligence Portal ...

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Single platform for all model formats allowing Enterprise Search, linking & analysis of models as well as contextual collaboration ...

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Sandhill Consultants focuses exclusively on sales, services, support, and training with CA's ERwin® line of data modeling products and solutions. ...

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