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Silwood Technology believe that it should be possible to easily and quickly find the exact tables you need for your project, whether it be a Data Warehouse, Data Integration, Master Data Management or Enterprise Architecture initiative.  We have specialised in making that possible for organisations who have invested in the large, sophisticated systems from SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and other ERP/CRM system vendors. What we do We know that this task is most often critical to enterprise architects, data architects and analysts, data warehouse designers, integration architects etc. because they have the most pressing need to be able to locate and understand the metadata in the context of the project they are working on.  The problem they face is due to the size, complexity and opaque nature of the data models of these systems, usually compounded by significant amounts of customisation. To enable these professionals to work effectively with these applications we designed and developed Safyr to overcome the challenges of locating and understanding metadata in the most commonly used packaged Enterprise systems. The result is a software product which provides data and project staff, as well as application specialists, the freedom to discover and scope the data they need quickly and easily, thereby reducing the cost and time involved in this often under acknowledged project phase whilst improving the quality of the delivery and the trust the business has in its own data. In a rapidly changing world it is no longer acceptable for packaged applications to be a drag on the business or IT delivery due to their complexity and size. Safyr allows organisations to ensure that they continue to play their part in the development of an efficient and effective IT ecosystem. Safyr does this by:

  • Extracting all metadata (tables, relationships, descriptions, languages and customisations etc) from the application
  • Building an application hierarchy to allow for alternative search and scoping approaches
  • Performing a row count on each table to allow for more focused analysis and an understanding of where an application is not used
  • Providing a powerful and intuitive interface (common to all target applications) for rapid scoping
  • Enabling results to be exported to modelling, integration, ETL, metadata management and other tools to provide further value
  • Providing pathways to commonly used data models for SAP, Siebel, Oracle and JD Edwards by delivering pre-built content which works off the customers systems as implemented

In addition we think that this metadata should be stored in such a way as to be a reusable, shared resource which can also be integrated and utilised with integration, modelling and metadata management tools and so increase the value of metadata as a corporate IT asset. Finally we also believe that the return on any investment in Safyr should be as rapid as possible and so the product has been priced to allow you to show real value within a few weeks or within the lifetime of a single project. Contact us Please email us at info@silwoodtechnology.com or call us on +44 1344 876553 for more information on how Safyr can reduce your scoping costs whilst at the same time accelerating and improving the quality of your project deliverables.



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