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Silwood Technology Limited is well established as a significant vendor in the data management space. Since 1992 we have been involved in bringing to market modelling and metadata software to meet the changing development demands of Global enterprise customers.

Silwood Technology was the first to recognise the significant challenges faced by data and enterprise architects and analysts in accessing, understanding and using the complex metadata of packages such as SAP, SAP BW, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel, Oracle, E-Business Suite, Salesforce and more recently Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 during project data discovery phases. It is also critical for them to be able to use the metadata for the application as implemented so that all customisations made to the data structured are made available.

About Silwood Technology LimitedIn addition, we were aware that much of this work has traditionally been done manually or using tools with very limited capabilities.  To enable this activity and fill the gap in functionality left by ERP and Information Management vendors, we designed and built Safyr®, the industry’s only dedicated metadata discovery solution.

Safyr has a global reach and reputation across a customer base that includes many medium, large and Fortune 100 organisations throughout the world.



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