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Silwood Technology Limited is a privately-owned, UK based software company established in 1992 and with hundreds of Fortune 1000 customers in a wide range of geographic areas and industries as well as a growing and vibrant network of partners.

We provide a unique software product called Safyr® that performs a deceptively simple task: to make complex, strategic packages like SAP and Salesforce as easy to understand as any other data source in your enterprise. Having rapid and accurate access to this information is critical to the success of any Data or Information Management project which needs insight into their data structures.

Silwood Technology - About UsWe are small enough to care, experienced enough to understand the requirements of our market and old enough to know that providing a product and service that addresses a genuine need must be at the core of everything we do.

What makes us different? We said above that Safyr® is a unique product. That’s a bold claim that we are proud to state. Many companies purport to have ‘interfaces’ to the major strategic application packages. Safyr is much more than this. Safyr is to other solutions what a GPS system is to paper maps. Safyr is designed by data professionals for data professionals.



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