ASCOT, Berkshire U.K., 23rd January 2006 – Silwood Technology Ltd today announced the expansion of its suite of enterprise application metadata intelligence tools.

The latest product, Pheryt, is specifically targeted at the Siebel CRM market and is designed to enable developers & analysts to understand the complex links between controls on Siebel screens and the columns in the database where the information is physically stored.

Graham Simpson of Silwood Technology –

“Pheryt builds on our highly successful Saphir family of ERP metadata intelligence tools.

We originally extended Saphir to deliver full metadata analysis functionality to Siebel sites and this has been enthusiastically received by the market. However, our customers also told us that they were experiencing specific metadata problems associated with the development & control of multiple installations of Siebel.

Developers and maintenance teams needed a means of easily & rapidly mapping where a given data item in the database is used by the User Interface (UI). Business Analysts were interested in defining report specifications from the screen fields.

These requirements are 2 sides of the same coin, so we have focused this first phase of Pheryt functionality on the mapping between Siebel Applets and database tables. Pheryt users are therefore able to rapidly become expert at discovering and using these data mappings. Pheryt’s architecture allows us to easily add more mapping functionality as market requirements emerge and this in turn allows us price Pheryt very aggressively.”

Bruce Wealleans, head of Pheryt product development at Silwood Technology –

“We went back to the drawing board and architected Pheryt completely differently to Saphir; whilst of course ensuring that they complement each other to deliver on the full metadata intelligence requirements of our Siebel based customers.

Pheryt has been developed to work directly against the Siebel system and answer specific screen to data mapping questions on the fly and export the results in a range of formats from XML to pdf. A key design goal was that Pheryt should be simple to install and work directly against the operational Siebel data dictionary.

Based on the feedback from our beta customers we feel confident that Pheryt allows users to quickly navigate the hierarchy of Siebel objects and provide accurate mappings to meet both user group requirements.”

Pheryt is expected to appeal to both Siebel developers and business analysts and is available for immediate shipment under a range of licence options from individual user to site licence.

To learn more about the Pheryt please go to the Silwood Technology web site

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