Ascot, UK., 19th October 2014

Originally announced with Safyr 6.2, the ETL for Metadata solution allows customers and partners to make use of Safyr’s unique metadata discovery and scoping capabilities with more of their packaged applications beyond those from SAP, Oracle and Salesforce (Supported packages) and to implement a single source of trusted application metadata.

As organizations increasingly need to incorporate data from their systems of record in Big Data, Data Lakes, Data Warehouse, Master Data Management, Data Governance and other initiatives to meet the demands of the business, so being able to quickly and accurately understand how their data is structured becomes more and more critical.

The ‘ETL for Metadata’ solution (Other Packages) comprises two phases. Firstly there is a process of evaluating the target application. This is required in order to understand the location and structure of the application metadata and to evaluate the potential for it to be of value when brought into Safyr. One of the key aspects to this will be the existence of set data dictionary tables which contain sufficient detail to be useful.

Dynamics2The second stage includes the scripting of the SQL required to extract the metadata into a set of files and the mapping of that content into Safyr’s own metamodel. Once this is completed the metadata is transformed and loaded as required, tested and made ready for use.

Experience has shown that this whole process takes less than a week. For example, using the ‘ETL for Metadata’ process for Microsoft Dynamics was completed in less than 7 days.

From this point on the user has access to the Safyr functionality to locate exactly the part of the data model which is relevant for the project at hand.

The information held within Safyr can be shared and reused, enabling the metadata to form a key part of the enterprise data ecosystem.

Graham Simpson, Managing Director of Silwood Technology commented: “With organizations needing to gain as much return on their investment in packaged applications as possible by ensuring that they can be used in the context of information and data management projects, it is crucial that they can get to grips with their data structures and models as fast as possible.

This recent release of Safyr has finally brought the huge productivity gains that our customers and partners have been experiencing for SAP and Oracle to almost all other packaged applications. Finally it is possible for project staff to be able to go to one product for the scoping and discovery of the metadata in their enterprise systems.”

Note to customers & partners:, Safyr’s ‘ETL for Metadata’ functionality is an additional module to the standard product.

Please contact Support for full information on functionality, support for specific Enterprise Applications and upgrade procedures.

About Silwood Technology Ltd

Silwood Technology Ltd is a leading supplier of enterprise modeling & metadata discovery and management tools.

The company has pioneered the use of metadata extraction and analysis for the purpose of building accurate data models of Enterprise Applications including SAP, SAP BW, Salesforce, Siebel, PeopleSoft Enterprise, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and Oracle E-business Suite.

Silwood markets Safyr both directly and via relationships with key tools vendors such as CA, IBM, and ASG.

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