If you are a data architect, analyst, modeller or scientist and your role involves trying to make sense of the complex web of tables and relationships in your enterprise application from SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and others then this webinar will be a revelation.

In the past you may have been led to believe that it is not possible to find this information or that it is a task that must be left to application specialists or consultants.

We will demonstrate how Safyr solves the three critical problems associated with using enterprise application data models which means that you can perform this analysis yourself.

Harvesting application metadata: Safyr extracts metadata from your Enterprise Application, as implemented including customisations. in minutes or at most a couple of hours. Safyr brings the physical and logical table and column names, descriptions, views, table relationships and more into its own repository.

Locating what you need: Safyr intuitive interface allows you to navigate thousands of tables, columns and relationship to search, scope, filter, analyse and visualise the metadata you require to a hitherto undreamt of level of granularity.

Collaboration with colleagues and third party technology solutions: Safyr can help you to share valuable enterprise application metadata with business and technology colleagues and has been architected to enable use of its data by modelling, integration, metadata management and other Information Management tools.

Safyr helps to save time and money during the critical source data analysis project phases. It also reduces the risk of project delay or under-delivery. Equally as importantly, Safyr will assist in the drive towards better data quality and the reduction of inaccurate data being introduced into your downstream enterprise data ecosystem.

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