Silwood Technology delivers ERP and CRM metadata into Informatica’s AI-powered Enterprise Data Catalog

Ascot, UK – 19 November 2018 – Silwood Technology Ltd today announced that Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC) customers can now use Silwood’s Safyr® metadata discovery software to provision SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and Microsoft ERP and CRM metadata directly into EDC.

Useful metadata from ERP and CRM packages is notoriously difficult to access and utilise for data and information management projects and is the area in which Silwood Technology is the acknowledged market and technology leader[1]. Silwood and Informatica have been collaborating to deliver this capability, which contributes greatly to the success of customers’ data catalog projects.

In this joint initiative, Silwood Technology has developed a specific integration capability in its Safyr software for Informatica EDC. Safyr has been successfully tested in customer implementations and is now available to all EDC users internationally.

Informatica EDC is an AI-powered data enterprise catalog that provides a machine-learning-based discovery engine to scan and catalog data assets across the enterprise – across cloud and on-premises and big data anywhere. It helps customers to derive maximum value and reuse of data across the enterprise.

Safyr is used to extract content-rich metadata from source ERP or CRM packages. The software gives data analysts and architects the ability to navigate, search, analyse and subset that information into Safyr Subject Areas, which reflect business concepts such as Bill of Materials, Sales Order Process or Customer Master Data. These Subject Areas are then exported directly into EDC.

“Customers need to be confident that they can realize the value of data from their entire landscape and they require a comprehensive approach to supporting metadata from the widest set of source applications,” said Ronen Schwartz, senior vice president and general manager, Cloud, Big Data and Data Integration, Informatica. “The Safyr integration with Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog, developed by Silwood Technology, enables us to ensure that metadata from the world’s largest and most complex business applications can be quickly and effectively incorporated. This technical partnership with Silwood Technology enables our customers to rapidly provision Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog with metadata from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and Salesforce applications.”

“The need to incorporate metadata from large, complex and often uncooperative packages into Informatica EDC is critical to the success of many data catalog projects,” said Roland Bullivant, Sales and Marketing Director, Silwood Technology. “With this integration, Informatica EDC customers can rest assured that they can derive value from the data in these business applications.”

Recently Silwood Technology also announced the expansion of its metadata discovery capabilities for SAP customers, who can now use Safyr to analyse the metadata behind SAP ABAP Core Data Services (CDS).

CDS is a data dictionary infrastructure that helps customers to define and consume semantically rich data models. It aims to increase performance and reduce development time for SAP applications, by promoting a more data centric approach in SAP applications, pushing intensive computations into the database through complex views and functions. For data professionals, the benefits of CDS come at the cost of a more complex and difficult to understand underlying data structure – increasing the time and effort required to execute data migration and integration projects.

Safyr will accelerate the delivery of information and data management projects which require this depth of analysis. For data professionals, the new capability provides the ability to trace the origins of data used in CDS Views through the multiple layers of nested views now available in SAP’s ABAP Core Data Services.

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