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Free PeopleSoft Data Model

Free PeopleSoft Data Model (click to expand)

Safyr® is more than about providing a quick way to get at relevant PeopleSoft data models, but PeopleSoft data models are often a by-product of using Safyr.

Be it BI for PeopleSoft, Master Data Management for PeopleSoft or Data Governance for PeopleSoft, an accurate and relevant data model will often be an important step in understanding the PeopleSoft data.

In order to illustrate what the product can do, we offer an extensive set of pre-built entity-relationship models for PeopleSoft.

Please complete the form below to request a PeopleSoft data model. We will send the model to the email you supply. We normally limit free data models to a maximum of 3 per customer. There is no obligation to buy Safyr – the models are free.

If you don’t see a data model that you need, feel free to contact us and we will strive to help, if we can.

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