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Siebel Starter Pack for GDPR Compliance

Siebel Starter Pack for GDPR ComplianceWhat does the SIEBEL Starter Pack do AND WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS?

Our Siebel Starter Pack for GDPR Compliance gives Siebel users a valuable head-start in identifying the precise location of Personal Data fields in a Siebel CRM system.

The scope and range of potential personal information in Siebel is very broad. With the Safyr Siebel Starter Pack the process of finding these ‘Personal Data’ fields is significantly easier. And the Starter Pack will work with any Siebel system.

How does the SIEBEL Starter Pack for GDPR Compliance work?

The Starter Pack comprises a set of Safyr® Subject Areas that describe and identify each type of personal information, such as postal addresses, Social Security Numbers, Credit cards. A Safyr Subject Area is a grouping of tables and fields that you can overlay on the metadata extracted from your own customized Siebel system so you can easily see which tables and fields are important to GDPR.

What constitutes personal data will vary by industry – you can combine these Subject Areas into other groups that form the consolidated set of fields for your company and requirements. You can add in your own fields too – especially where your Siebel system has been customized.


For further information, any questions, or if you would like to see a demonstration of our Siebel Starter Pack for GDPR Compliance, please contact us.

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