The new world of the SAP data landscape: HANA, Calculation Views, CDS & Eclipse

SAP data

Since I first got to know the complexities of the SAP data landscape, which is more years ago than I care to mention, not a lot really changed on a year on year basis.

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Struggling to find the right data quickly, especially in complex application systems can delay implementation of Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence projects and lead to inaccurate information being delivered.

Perhaps it is time to start acknowledging the challenge of source data analysis?

“Garbage out, garbage in”

I know, I know I have got that the wrong way round. Well, actually I did it on purpose to illustrate a problem with BI/Data Warehousing projects and incidentally many other Information Management initiatives. That problem is the challenge of source data analysis – particularly with SAP, Oracle and Salesforce packages.

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