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Download sample data models for SAP, Salesforce and Oracle packages

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Of all the blogs we’ve written here at Silwood, by far the most popular are the ones that are about specific Data Models for SAP, Salesforce and Oracle packages (JD Edwards, E-Business Suite, Siebel and PeopleSoft).

We’ve done a number of these over the last year or two. For example we wrote about using Safyr with JD Edwards and provided a downloadable JD Edwards Accounts Payable Data Model. We also provided a free SAP Bill of Materials data model.









However there is a limit to how many we can do in this way, and it is purely our view as to whether a given model will be more useful and popular than another.

Now you can Choose your own sample data models

So we’ve come up with a new page on our website where it is possible to request individual models from a variety of packages here.

For each package, there are a set of business areas to choose from, and also a selection of possible formats for the model.   For example, for SAP you can choose areas such as ‘Payroll’, ‘Shipping’, ‘Billing’. You also have the ability to decide in which format you would like to receive the model. These include PDF, XML , ERwin, ER/Studio and PowerDesigner.

The models are based on our own in house development systems and so will not reflect any customisations which might have been made to the underlying metadata or data models of your own implementations.

We believe however that they will serve two purposes.

The first is to provide a generic understanding of how the data model for the business area in a particular package is structured. The second is to demonstrate how Safyr enables the hidden, complex metadata in large application packages to be surfaced and used by data professionals.

After making the selection, a request arrives at our offices, and we return the required model, in the requested format. 

At the moment we have this new feature for SAP Data Models, Salesforce Data Models and JD Edwards Data Models, and we will be adding Siebel, PeopleSoft and Oracle E-Business over the coming weeks.

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