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Application data model examples

We’ve had quite a bit of interest in our application data model examples from ERPs over the last few months.  A number of people have said that they don’t have a modelling tool easily accessible and therefore can’t see what the diagrams look like, which is a fair point. With that in mind, you will see two images here, one of a JDEdwards Accounts Payable system as a PowerDesigner Data Model, the other a set of Salesforce tables as an ERwin data model.

Salesforce Opportunity data model in CA ERwin format

Salesforce Opportunity data model in CA ERwin format

JD Edwards Accounts Payable Model in PowerDesigner Format

JD Edwards Accounts Payable Model in PowerDesigner Format

These give an idea of the kind of Entity-Relationships models that can be made with Safyr, based upon metadata drawn from the respective application.

The first data model we did in this series was a SAP ‘Bill of Materials’ model – so you might ask why that’s not here as an image too?  Short answer is that it’s too large to show easily in a single picture.

In my view it also provides evidence of the need for tools which allow the user to quickly locate the tables they need in the context of their project because trying to visualize an entire JD Edwards, Salesforce or for that matter SAP data model is totally impractical.

Nick Porter

Technical Director

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