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Silwood Technology have received many plaudits for Safyr® from customers, partners and analysts. Here are a selection:


Using Safyr with Collibra Data Catalog

Commenting on being able to use Safyr to provision their Collibra data catalog product with metadata from SAP, Wellington Holbrook, ATB Chief Transformation Officer commented:

“We took what would have been months of work (and possibly a barrier to progress) and completed the activity within hours and nominal resource investment. We’re pleased to have been able to achieve a high degree of efficiency with this collaborative effort.”

From a Happy Customer

“Please pass this on to everyone at SAFYR. Each person I had contact with at SAFYR was professional, polite, patient … first class.”

“Also, I enjoyed using SAFYR because it accomplished complex tasks and yet, and most importantly, it is easy to use … a rare and valuable quality in today’s world.”

Rocky West, Boeing

QlikView Developer

“I am still puzzled why so many developers spend countless hours trying to decipher the 90,000 tables in SAP, instead of using Safyr”

Adrian Farcas, QlikView Developer, Virtek


“After doing a quick prototype metadata extract from SAP, the response to the insights SAFYR provides has been very positive!  I’m really grieving for the lost years without access to this tool.  It has met and exceeded my fairly lofty expectations.”

“If you are running SAP and don’t have this tool in-house…mistake”

Brian Farish, IT Architecture Senior Manager, AMD

Hydro Tasmania

“Having been told by our ERP implementation partner that they couldn’t deliver a data model for SAP and even by some folks at SAP that no such thing existed we were on the look out for anything that would help with our understanding of SAP’s data structures.

Once we found you making a case for purchase was pretty straightforward. At Safyr’s price point the payback in our case is only a few months when offset against the Google & trial and error approach we were having to employ to get information out of SAP to answer the questions our business colleagues were asking.”

Scott Delaney, Business Intelligence & Data Integration Manager

RS Components

“RS are succeeding in achieving a level of understanding of data in SAP that we previously thought impossible We have quickly assembled a set of detailed subject area data models which we can now use to guide project activities. The Safyr models deliver a level of detail that we would not otherwise be able to achieve without extensive user research (and a large helping of guesswork) We have high confidence in the detail in each model as it is coming directly from SAP itself”

Global Retail Brand

“It’s difficult to imagine how we could have integrated complex SAP, Siebel and J.D. Edwards metadata structures into our corporate information architecture without Safyr. The cost was low compared to other methods and a fraction of the overall project budget”

European Defense Organisation

“Safyr was a clear enabler for our SAP to SAP DFPS migration and related Data Warehouse redevelopment project. We could not imagine how we could have solved all the issues in time without it!”

US Food Company

“Safyr allowed us to quickly analyse intricate SAP tables, relations, and data like a knife cutting through butter. It has saved us a considerable amount of time in developing a cross-application program that links R/3 and our legacy application”  


Examples of Safyr in use

Global energy company (BP)

Safyr played a vital part in delivering a global data architecture for a Master Data Management project, as well as data migration, project scoping and requirements gathering etc. Chris Bradley (then of IPL) and Ken Dunn from BP included Safyr (then known as Saphir) in their talk at Enterprise Data World in 2009. Click here to see the full presentation

Multinational energy company (Statoil Fuel and Retail – SFR)

As part of their migration from SAP to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, SFR needed to replace their Operational Datawarehouse, reporting and analytics solutions.  Safyr was the critical piece of technology that ensured that the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne metadata and data flows were identified and understood in the context of the project. This was particularly vital due to the level of customisations. The project to deliver BI, Analytics and Reporting to 7 countries with 1000’s of users and terabytes of data was delivered on time.

Global semi-conductor company

Using Safyr to reverse engineer multiple SAP systems for rationalisation and global data-warehouse projects. They reported that previous to Safyr it would typically take 4 or 5 modellers about a month to work out a set of tables associated with a specific SAP transaction and its relationships, however using Safyr and its ability to associated the tables used by a transaction they could now achieved the same thing with 1 person in a week.

Energy services company

Used Safyr for JD Edwards rationalisation (8 instances to 2); identifying tables for integration via Enterprise Service Bus and delivering data models to meet data governance needs.

Global personal care, household and drugs company

Safyr for project governance assurance and enterprise architecture in very large SAP implementations  


Partner Comments

“Collibra approaches metadata management from a holistic data governance perspective, which captures both business and technical metadata. This enables users to understand the complete enterprise context and lineage of their data to gain business value. This is especially critical today as organizations are looking to derive value from their many big data initiatives, as well as comply with data protection and security regulations, and drive new technology trends like AI. We’re pleased to be working with Silwood Technology on these critical integrations.”

Stan Christiaens, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for Collibra

“Customers need to be confident that they can realize the value of data from their entire landscape and they require a comprehensive approach to supporting metadata from the widest set of source applications. The Safyr integration with Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog, developed by Silwood Technology, enables us to ensure that metadata from the world’s largest and most complex business applications can be quickly and effectively incorporated. This technical partnership with Silwood Technology enables our customers to rapidly provision Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog with metadata from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and Salesforce applications.”

Ronen Schwartz, senior vice president and general manager, Cloud, Big Data and Data Integration, Informatica

“IDERA is thrilled to offer the Safyr solution directly to our ER/Studio customers who are working with these key CRM and ERP platforms. Having access to this complex package metadata gives data professionals improved visibility into data lineage across the entire data landscape. This extends the powerful capabilities of ER/Studio even further, to serve as the focal point to manage all of their data architecture and governance initiatives,”

Mark Berglund, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales at IDERA

“As soon as I saw the tool in action I understood the benefits and value this could bring to our clients. Harnessing Safyr’s power to rapidly comprehend, visualise and quantify often hidden and complex data models of ERP systems will reduce delivery risk and avoid a lot of common pitfalls faced with data transformation projects. We are excited to offer this product as part of our services.”

Alex Smith Harlex’s Head of Data Strategy & Solutions, SNP

“The Safyr Metadata Discovery Blocks represent excellent examples of the tools and utilities available on the Informatica Marketplace that help customers execute their data integration initiatives more quickly and easily. By achieving the Seal of Approval, prospects gain confidence in knowing that the Safyr tools have been validated by Informatica engineers and that they meet our quality standards.”

Scott Geffre, Senior director, Cloud Business Operations and Marketplace, Informatica

“ASG is the market-leading provider of integrated metadata management solutions and the relationship with Silwood Technology delivers unprecedented transparency for business and technical users to understand and leverage the integrated value of packaged applications. By providing integrated views and enabling impact analysis across the scope of packaged and custom developed applications, the solution gives our customers greater control and manageability for their IT assets”

Arthur L. Allen, President and CEO, ASG

“Through our relationship with Silwood and ca smart approved Safyr, we now have the ideal data modeling solution for SAP, J D Edwards, Siebel and PeopleSoft enterprise application (EA) environments. The combined solution enables our customers to rapidly leverage the value-rich data stores they’ve spent so much time and effort creating.”

Gregory Clancy, Director, Product Management at CA

“The combination of Silwood Technology’s Saphir and visualmetrics software and consulting services offers unrivalled business value and technical insight into how to best manage, maintain and exploit the optimal value from the investments made into SAP ERP, SAP BW and Oracle (e business suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards & Siebel) applications.”

Chris Coan, visualmetrics Managing Director  


Analyst comments

“While Safyr has always represented pretty cool technology it has, to a certain extent, been a slow burner. The advent of data catalogues makes it a must have capability for the environments it supports. It’s an idea whose time has come.”

Philip Howard, Bloor Research, 2018

“In our opinion, every major user of an Oracle or SAP application should be a Safyr customer, and SAP and Oracle should seriously consider partnering with Silwood Technology to offer Safyr to their customer base” “If you are a large enterprise and you use any of the relevant SAP or Oracle applications then you will almost certainly have data marts and warehouses, integration issues, master data management, archival or data migration projects to take just a few examples that would benefit from the use of Safyr.”

Philip Howard, Bloor Research, 2011

“Data discovery and profiling (DDP) is the most important data management task that enterprises are still not doing. DDP is a crucial for data-intensive initiatives such as data warehousing, business intelligence, master data management, and data integration.”

Gartner, 2013


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If you would like to know more about how Safyr can help you to better understand your package application metadata and reduce the time and cost of your discovery and scoping project phases, please contact us, book a call or download a free Safyr trial.



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