Who looks after the data assets in your company?

What corporate assets do you have?

In the context of this article I am not referring to those on the balance sheet such as equipment, stock, debtors and perhaps buildings but more about those which are commonly referred to as critical assets in enabling you to achieve your targets and goals. In addition to your people, customers, brand value there is one further resource that many organisations are increasingly focussed on – your data assets.

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5 reasons why your data teams struggle with SAP, and what you can do about it

SAP and its metadata

In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal Arvind Krishna, IBM’s senior vice president of cloud and cognitive software, said “data-related challenges are a top reason IBM clients have halted or cancelled artificial-intelligence (AI) projects.”

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Using metadata to solve the problem of your ERP and CRM data silos


You have probably noticed how much attention is being placed in your enterprise to optimise the use of, or “monetise”, the data that flows through your organisation’s IT systems.

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