Where is the AI in ERP?

If like me you were working in IT during the build up to year 2000, you might recall a high level of noise about the “Millenium Bug”. The issue, we were told, was about nothing less than the potential threat of complete system failure across the globe. This time around, with Artificial Intelligence (AI), according to some, we should be concerned that the very existence of the human race is under threat. Thankfully, AI in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) isn’t about robots deciding when and how to completely replace or destroy humans. Read more

Accessing the right data at the right time can still be a challenge

Why BI and analytics is still a challenge

“Through 2022, only 20% of analytic insights will deliver business outcomes” (Gartner, 2019)

“plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”

It seems strange for many companies to admit that despite countless years of investment in complex reporting, BI and analytics systems, they still have an issue getting to the right information at the right time in a way that informs better decision making.

As companies grow, change and develop, sound BI and analytics becomes harder to implement. It’s always surprising to hear many of the biggest brands in the world don’t know exactly how many customers they have, where they are most profitable or why some critical data points are missing. Problems arise when data models don’t reflect actual business activities. Suddenly there’s a compelling need to return to basics, to identify the most enduring sources of truth and move forward from there.

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ESG Concepts

The data challenge for ESG

What is ESG and why does it matter?

Decades ago, concerns about the immediate and global impact of business on the environment and society were seen as a bit of a fringe issue. What mattered most was the “bottom line”. In this blog we will look at the overall topic and then focus on the data challenge for ESG in the context of governance Read more

Enterprise applications, how to trust the data

How to trust the data

Knowing who and what to trust, it seems, has increasingly been on all our minds lately. One outcome of an ever more complex world is that the need to trust and search for evidence has become an essential activity in our daily lives. And, knowing if you can trust the data in your business systems and reports can be equally challenging.

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where is the data

Your data catalog and SAP: 15 questions you should ask your vendor

SAP and data catalogs

With much of your key data assets stored in core SAP applications, they are critical to the success of a data catalog, governance or lineage project. However, a data catalog and SAP can be difficult bedfellows. SAP ECC, S/4HANA, BW and BW/4HANA are large complex and often highly customized applications and so they can present a significant challenge to the delivery of a truly enterprise-wide solution. If SAP data can’t be assimilated easily into the new data platform, project failure could be on the horizon.

Read on to learn more about what to ask your data catalog or data governance vendors. Read more

SAP and datalogs - can SAP be the early proof of value for your data catalog

SAP and data catalogs: 4 reasons why SAP could be the low-hanging fruit that delivers early value to your data catalog

Who is this blog for? If your organisation is considering, or already implementing a data catalog, data governance or enterprise metadata management platform and you are an SAP customer, you may think that SAP and data catalogs don’t mix. And, if you have ERP or CRM packages from vendors other than SAP – maybe from […]

Safyr for Microsoft Dynamics 365

We are delighted to announce that Safyr for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) will be available in December.

It’s been a while since we added a new data source type to the list of systems Safyr can work with, and that’s about to change.

ERP application software market share

We’ve had capability for Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM for some time, but we’ve had to turn away customers who wanted metadata from their Dynamics 365 applications to be loaded into Safyr and then used for data catalog and other projects. That will change now that Safyr for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available. The increasing number of enquiries for Dynamics 365 we have received reflects the growth of Microsoft as an enterprise packaged application vendor.

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