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Our Partner Programme

Why consider partnering with Silwood TECHNOLOGY?

Silwood Technology Partner ProgrammeIf you are an Information or Data Management technology company and the market for your services and solutions includes organisations who have invested in ERP and CRM solutions from SAP, Salesforce, Oracle or Microsoft then having access to Safyr® in some capacity will be an asset to you and your customers. 

Our Partner Programme options include the ability to add to your revenue stream directly through OEM, resale or referral programmes. There are also mechanisms for System Integrator and Consulting organisations to be able to use Safyr on discrete projects on an as needed basis.

By partnering with Silwood, you will be able to harness Safyr and its unique set of capabilities to enhance your offering and provide additional value to your customers.

Safyr will help you to sell your own products and services more easily and quickly by removing the mystery surrounding the understanding of the data structures underpinning SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft and other applications.

In practice you or your customers will use Safyr to extract and make available the hard to find metadata in those packages. Powerful scoping and analysis features then make it easy to rapidly answer the question “Where’s the data?” in the context of your product or project. 

You can apply to find out more and become a partner at the end of this page.


“Harnessing Safyr’s power to rapidly comprehend, visualise and quantify often hidden and complex data models of ERP systems will reduce delivery risk and avoid a lot of common pitfalls faced with data transformation projects. We are excited to offer this product as part of our services.”

Alex Smith, Head of Data Strategy & Engagement, SNP

How can you partner with Silwood?

We have a variety of different partner types so please browse this area and get in touch if you would like to explore how we might partner together.

OEMHow Can You Partner With Silwood Technology

This is most commonly adopted by software companies who wish to be able to re-brand Safyr and integrate it as a module within their own product offering. A small amount of configuration work to Safyr by Silwood is required.  

The commercial arrangements can be agreed to meet mutual requirements. 

As an OEM partner, you can offer a complete solution to your customers without needing to introduce a separate technology vendor or entity.

Value Added Reseller

Becoming a Safyr reseller is a quick and straightforward process.

Once included in the programme you can incorporate Safyr in your price book and take orders for the product.

We provide a standard discount off Suggested List price for both Software and 1st years Support and Maintenance.


If your organisation prefers to refer customers to technology solutions which will assist them in delivering information and data programmes, then you can apply to become a referral partner. Following this you can refer these situations to us and we will work with the client and you to progress the opportunity.

Any resulting sale would be transacted through Silwood.

We offer a standard Referral fee of 20% of sales of Safyr and services purchased in a 12 month period from the initial sale.

System Integrator and Consulting partner

If you are a Systems Integrator or a Consulting organisation, you may need to use Safyr on a project by project basis with a client.

For this situation we can offer you a project based rental mechanism, whereby you are licensed to take Safyr with you into a customer project and make use of the product for an agreed period of time.

You can then use Safyr to help you to deliver more quickly and accurately and increase productivity.

You can also decide whether to offer a project metadata discovery service at a fixed price.

Technology partner

As a technology provider with a product for which Safyr is complementary, you may wish to consider a technology partnership to enable Safyr content to be used within your solution.

Partner support

Silwood are committed to the success of our partners and provide the following to all partner types:

Other support options are available by agreement.


If you would like to explore the potential of a partnership with us, please complete the form below and we will get back to you within two working days.

I would like to learn more about Silwood Technology’s partner programmes:

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