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Safyr 7 – Supporting GDPR

Metadata for GDPR compliance

Regardless of where you start your GDPR compliance initiative at some point you are going to need to be able to document where you hold Personal Data in your databases, packages, files, web stores, etc.

This requires a knowledge of exactly where personal data is stored in  those systems. If your company runs SAP, Oracle, Salesforce or Microsoft ERP or CRM packages then finding these data items for GDPR compliance will be a significant challenge.

Safyr 7 and GDPRSafyr_Version_7_with_GDPR_features_and_more

Safyr® has always offered you the ability to quickly dissect and navigate the metadata in large complex applications in a meaningful way.

For GDPR, you need to be able to find where your packaged ERP and CRM systems hold Personal Data and then to use that information in the context of your overall compliance solution. This is not a traditional data modeling problem, it is more a challenge associated with documenting where these fields or attributes exist.

Personal Data is anything that could allow someone’s identity to become known. Therefore it could be one or more of many different data attributes. 

This means that it is necessary for you to be able to identify where these attributes exist across an entire system. As an example consider how many times the attribute “birth” might occur in an SAP system which contains over 90,000 tables.

Key new features in Safyr 7

Finding and marking Personal Data ATTRIBUTES

Say you need to find all instances of “birth” in an SAP system and then document that information, or use it in your Governance platform.

You can use Safyr to help you do this quickly and accurately. You can use Safyr to search for the text string “birth” across all tables.

This gives you a list of all tables which contain that text. From there you can create a Safyr Subject Area which holds those tables.

Marked field is a new feature within Version 7 designed to address the problem of having large numbers of unwanted or irrelevant attributes in some tables.

You can now use Safyr to filter out attributes which you do not need. They may be irrelevant or unwanted for some other reason. For your work with GDPR this allows you to quickly and easily focus on what is important for the purposes of finding Personal Data.

You could combine this Subject Area with others which contain specific Personal Data attributes, for example Address, ID Number, etc. In this way you can build up a picture of which tables hold which personal data for use elsewhere.

Safyr 7 Feature – Marked Field

Safyr 7 - Marked FieldClick to enlarge

Metadata reporting

The other main feature of Safyr 7 is the introduction of Metadata Reporting.

One of Safyr’s strengths has been the ability to export Subject Area content to a variety of different tools and in a variety of different formats. This has ensured that Safyr has played its full part in Data Modeling, Data Warehouse, Data Migration, Governance and other projects.

Metadata reporting has been introduced to add another important layer of capability to the export features. You can now export a Safyr Subject Area directly to Excel. In addition you have a great degree of flexibility to select exactly what you want to export – including only Marked Fields.

This important addition will enhance the value you can derive from Safyr by enabling its content be more easily utilised and shared with Excel.

Safyr 7 Feature – Metadata Reporting

Safyr 7 - Metadata ReportingClick to enlarge


Watch our short video to see these features in action.

Why not try out these great new GDPR features with a free trial of Safyr 7 today.

If you have any questions, or would like more information on Safyr, please contact us.



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