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If you have been involved in trying to access, extract, analyse and share metadata from your large complex ERP/CRM systems from vendors such as SAP, Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft for your data management projects then you will appreciate how this task can cause delay, cost overrun, under-delivery and in some extreme cases project cancellation.

We developed Safyr® to enable you to dramatically shorten the time to value for projects which involve data from these systems. 

Safyr reduces the time, cost and resources needed for ERP metadata discovery, often by as much as 90%, whilst at the same time improving accuracy and compliance. 



Safyr® is the industry’s only dedicated metadata discovery software for ERP/CRM systems. Safyr gives your analysts, architects and other data professionals the ability to access, understand, share and utilise the underlying data structures for these applications.

There is no need to have to wait for, or rely on technical specialists, external consultants, incomplete documentation, internet searches or partial technical solutions.

Safyr lets you shine a light on the rich and valuable metadata in your applications which has previously been easily inaccessible.



Safyr achieves this by extracting metadata from the applications as implemented and storing it so it can be easily navigated, searched, filtered, analysed, visualised using business terminology rather than needing to know physical table names.

There are many tools that can ‘reverse engineer’ a database by connecting to the RDBMS system catalog, but Safyr does this for application packages by ‘reverse engineering’ from the package’s own data dictionary tables. This is the only practical way to get an understandable view of the package data model.

Safyr Architecture for ERP Metadata Discovery

Using metadata with Safyr



Safyr is the industry’s only dedicated metadata discovery solution for the world’s most commonly used ERP/CRM systems:


Benefits of Safyr

Safyr offers huge benefits to businesses and individuals including:

  • Ease of access
  • Speedier access
  • 100% accuracy

The results are a significant reduction in the time and cost associated with finding and using the detailed metadata information. One user reported that Safyr helped them to reduce the amount of resource it took them to find tables associated with transaction codes in their SAP system from 4 people for 4 weeks to 1 person in less than a week, representing a productivity improvement of over 90%. After doing a quick prototype metadata extract from SAP, the response to the insights SAFYR provides has been very positive!  I’m really grieving for the lost years without access to this tool. It has met and exceeded my fairly lofty expectations. (Brian Farish, AMD)  

The Business case for Safyr >>

Data professionals of all types have used Safyr to make it easy to understand their application data models for use with:

  • Data Warehouse
  • Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Integration
  • Data Migration
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Catalog 
  • Data Governance programmes
  • Application Migration
  • Convergence and Rationalisation
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Software Quality initiatives.

Safyr has helped many organisations across the globe, here are just a few examples:


BP  JohnsonandJohnsonLogo Volkswagen
AMD Hydro Tasmania RS Components


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Safyr Functionality Matrix (click image to DOwNLOAD complete PDF)

Safyr Functionality Matrix

The Safyr models deliver a level of detail that we would not otherwise be able to achieve without extensive user research (and a large helping of guesswork)(RS Components about their use of Safyr with SAP)



Learn about key features in Safyr and how they can support GDPR compliance for your packaged application.

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