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Safyr supports these projects and more

Safyr® can be used for a range of different ‘data’ related projects. Some of the most popular are described below. Click the relevant link to learn more:

Data Warehousing & ETL Data Migration & Integration
Data Governance Metadata Management
Master Data Management Rationalisation/Consolidation

Data Warehouse & ETL

Your key application packages store gigabytes of valuable data that will be a prime resource when building a Report, DataMart or Data Warehouse.

Data Warehouse Silwood TechnologyWhilst your chosen toolset will likely have an interface to access data from these packages, determining which tables, how they are related, and which attributes you require will be a significant challenge. This problem is compounded by the size and complexity of these packages. There are in excess of 90,000 tables in a typical SAP system and deciding which of these tables are required can be time-consuming and error-prone.

Safyr® is a software solution to this problem that helps the user rapidly and accurately locate the required tables and relationships using a set of powerful scoping tools that help subset the thousands of tables into the few tens actually required.

Data Migration & Integration

Moving data to or from an ERP/CRM system requires an understanding of both the ‘source’ and ‘target’ system.

Data Migration and Integration Silwood TechnologyOften the system at one end of this data movement is relatively simple in terms of its data structure – a data mart, a home-grown application.

But when one of the component systems is an ERP or CRM system, gaining an understanding of its data structure in order to map that structure to another system can be challenging.

Safyr can quickly show the user which tables exist in the packaged application, how they are related (and in most packages) show which application functions use which tables.


The governance of data in an ERP/CRM system is made more difficult than in other, simpler systems by the very complexity of the data structure. Before Governance procedures can be put in place, it is vital to identify exactly what data is available and where it is located.

This has a particular currency with GDPR being on the horizon. Learn how Safyr supports GDPR here.

Metadata Management

Metadata Management Silwood TechnologyFor any company wishing to undertake any form of Enterprise Metadata Management or Data Catalog creation, the presence of one or more ERP or CRM packages in the mix of systems will present some headaches. The ERP/CRM system will contain a rich set of metadata, valuable to the Metadata Management project, which is important but difficult to access.

Retrieving this metadata in an accurate and systematic way is only practically achievable using our Safyr product. Safyr not only accesses metadata from the application layer of each package, but it also has powerful features for sub-setting the metadata into manageable chunks.

Master Data Management

ERP & CRM packages will store a host of important data, including key elements of Master Data. In order that a successful Master Data Management project can be undertaken, it is vital to identify the location of Master Data tables and fields in each application package used by the customer. This is often made difficult in an ERP or CRM package because of the size and complexity of the data store.

Safyr helps the user quickly identify key Master Data items like Customer and Product using intelligent search features tailored to each application package.


Rationalisation and Consolidation Silwood TechnologyMany companies will have multiple instances of an application package – this might be because of regional differences or because of acquisition of another company on a different version of the package.

Identifying the differences between these installations can be very challenging, given how large and complex these systems typically are. Safyr has functionality designed to make the identification of differences quick and easy. Safyr’s comparison feature can be configured to pick out the kinds of differences that are important to the user. 

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