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Where is the AI in ERP?

If like me you were working in IT during the build up to year 2000, you might recall a high level of noise about the “Millenium Bug”. The issue, we were told, was about nothing less than the potential threat of complete system failure across the globe. This time around, with Artificial Intelligence (AI), according […]

Enterprise applications, how to trust the data

How to trust the data Knowing who and what to trust, it seems, has increasingly been on all our minds lately. One outcome of an ever more complex world is that the need to trust and search for evidence has become an essential activity in our daily lives. And, knowing if you can trust the […]

SAP and data catalogs: 4 reasons why SAP could be the low-hanging fruit that delivers early value to your data catalog

Who is this blog for? If your organisation is considering, or already implementing a data catalog, data governance or enterprise metadata management platform and you are an SAP customer, you may think that SAP and data catalogs don’t mix. And, if you have ERP or CRM packages from vendors other than SAP – maybe from […]

How you can find personal data fields in an SAP system for CCPA and GDPR

Why finding metadata for personal data in ERP and CRM systems for CCPA and GDPR is hard. The State of California’s California Consumer Privacy Act and EU General Data Protection Regulation, usually referred to as CCPA and GDPR, together with regulations imposed by other governments and states,  have placed more responsibility on organisations for managing […]