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Category: Big Data

4th January 2016

Metadata – one of Big Data’s “dirty little jobs”?

Categories: Big Data, Data, Data Discovery, Data Management, Data Model Enterprise Information Management, Data Warehouse, Metadata, Metadata discovery, Safyr, Salesforce, SAP, SAP BW, SAP HANA

big data’s little jobs I happened across an interesting article by David Gee recently.  It was entitled “A guide to the little jobs that will make big data work.” (http://www.itnews.com.au/blogentry/a-guide-to-the-little-jobs-that-will-make-big-data-work-409655) What I found particularly noteworthy, not to mention refreshing, was the acknowledgement of the importance of metadata in a big data project.  This is not […]

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8th September 2015

What are you pouring into your Data Lake?

Categories: Big Data, Data, Data Discovery, Data Model Enterprise Information Management, Data Warehouse, Enterprise Metadata Management, Metadata

WHat exactly is a data lake? Recently I have been attending some vendor webinars on Big Data, Data Lake strategy, Hadoop in the context of Data Warehousing and Analytics in an attempt to gain a clearer understanding both of the technology platforms available and more importantly some knowledge of the use cases and benefits a […]

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24th July 2013

Is metadata discovery necessary on SAP HANA projects?

Categories: Big Data, Data, Data Warehouse, Enterprise Metadata Management, Metadata discovery, Safyr, SAP, SAP HANA

I picked up on a great blog by Jonathan Haun, Consulting Manager, Decision First Technologies recently where he talked at some length about the Data Modelling aspects of SAP HANA, click here to link through to it. I commented back that I felt that HANA projects needed to go through a data source discovery phase […]

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5th July 2013

Data vs Process: “This house believes that there is no such thing as ‘Process’ in a computer system, there is only ‘Data’.”

Categories: Big Data, Business Process, Data, Data and Application integration, Data Warehouse, Enterprise Information Management, Enterprise Metadata Management, Master Data Management, Metadata discovery

  I realise this might be controversial but I do believe it.  IT professionals have long talked about Process Modelling as the way to understand what a complex system does, while Data Modelling tends to be seen as the ‘Cinderella’ of the modelling world. But Process is merely the moving around of data.  When all […]

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19th August 2011

Big Process and Big Data

Categories: Big Data, Data and Application integration, Data Warehouse, Enterprise Application, Saphir

I’ve just been reading what Clay Richardson over at Forrester is saying around putting data and BI closer to the sharp end of business. http://searchbusinessanalytics.techtarget.com/news/2240037726/Process-intelligence-gains-momentum-at-the-intersection-of-BI-and-BPM?asrc=EM_NLN_14612906&track=NL-544&ad=844365 I am also aware of some of his other work where he talks about Process and Data folks not talking to each other and causing real problems for the business. […]

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