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Category: Data Catalogue

19th July 2019

5 reasons why your data teams struggle with SAP, and what you can do about it

Categories: Data, Data Catalogue, SAP

SAP and its metadata Like most companies who have been required to incorporate SAP data into Information or Data Management projects, I am sure you have also experienced the delays, high costs and even data inaccuracies which often occur. Much of this results from the nature of SAP and its metadata. Without an easy and […]

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29th May 2018

Data Catalogues might be the new Black, but metadata discovery to provision them can be tricky

Categories: Data Catalogue, Data Governance, Enterprise Metadata Management

Data Catalogues Data catalogues have become a fast growing solution to a critical requirement of an enterprise information management strategy. This is the need to document and understand the types and uses of data across the enterprise application landscape. The importance of data catalogues to a data management strategy is emphasised in Gartner’s 2017 Report: […]

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