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Modelling Salesforce application tables with Safyr and Microsoft Visio – a worked example

This is the latest in an occasional series of data models based upon the packaged application we support with our Safyr product. It is an example of modelling Salesforce application tables with Safyr.

Many of our customers and partners are increasingly using Salesforce as an enterprise system of record and of course with the addition of customisations and applications the data model is increasing in size and complexity, meaning that it is becoming more difficult to manage, maintain and understand.

Main Salesforce application tables displayed as Visio model

Main Salesforce application tables displayed as Visio model

What I’ve produced in Safyr this time is a model of the Key Salesforce tables and exported it for use in Microsoft Visio.  If you have Visio you can click here to see the model: Microsoft Visio model of key Salesforce tables (Account, Contact, Opportunity….)

The Salesforce Schema Builder is a great feature, but not wonderful for larger models, so this shows an alternative approach.   The model could have been created just as easily in any of the export formats we support (ER/Studio, ERwin, PowerDesigner….) but most people have Visio so it’s an easy option for this kind of exercise. Note that you will need Visio 2010 or earlier as Microsoft removed some very useful functionality to do with Data Models in Visio 2013.    So with this in mind, and for those of you who do not have Visio, the model is also available for download as a jpeg.  

If you would like to see the same data in other modelling formats (for ERwin, ER/Studio, PowerDesigner etc.,) please let me know.

As we are providing something which is usable in some contexts… here is the legal bit. In no event will Silwood Technology Ltd be liable for any indirect, special or consequential loss arising out of or in any way relating to the use or performance or the use or misuse of the information presented in this model.

The model was produced in seconds using Safyr, but then one could spend days making the layout look good!   So no apologies if it’s not ‘aesthetically pleasing’.  You can find more information about Safyr for Salesforce. I hope the model is useful.  Please let me know what you think.

Nick Porter

Technical Director

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