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PeopleSoft Pension Processing – the metadata challenges

By Nick Porter | 02 Oct 2019

Categories: Enterprise Metadata Management, PeopleSoft


PeopleSoft Pension Processing – Metadata Challenges

As you may know, Safyr® extracts metadata from a range of application packages including PeopleSoft which has many related modules including PeopleSoft Pension Processing. Now if you were to compare the metadata from the PeopleSoft systems of two different customer’s, you would see that the more standard modules such as Financials, HR, CRM etc. would be structured in very similar ways from a metadata perspective.

That does not mean there won’t be differences; these will always be there because of:

Over the years we have noticed that some modules tend to require more extensive metadata extensions. One of those is PeopleSoft Pension Processing.

Sample PeopleSoft Pension Processing table in Safyr

Sample PeopleSoft Pension Processing table in Safyr

This is because the intricacies of pension rules and regulations can be very specific to the region, state, canton or county in which the pension provision applies and so it is important that the application data model reflects those requirements.

And these PeopleSoft Pension Processing rules can get quite complex, resulting in extensive changes to the PeopleSoft table definitions. 

Of course, PeopleSoft handles the processing of this data using the PeopleSoft environment.

The data definition is only part of the infrastructure provided by PeopleSoft to enable extensions in functionality to the standard capabilities provided.

Customers can develop menus, panels and processing code to work with the data defined in the new tables.


However, customers often need to be able to access the Pensions tables in order to incorporate the data into activities outside of PeopleSoft itself, for example for Reporting, Auditing and Governance projects.

And so getting a handle on how these Pension Processing data structures work is vital, however it can be a time-consuming, costly challenge if you are using traditional manual methods and tools.

This is where Safyr® comes in.

PeopleSoft Pension Processing tables in Safyr ERD

PeopleSoft Pension Processing tables in Safyr ERD

You use Safyr to get any and all Tables, Columns, relationships, etc., from the PeopleTools environment.

In addition any extensions made to accommodate PeopleSoft Pension Processing (or any other area) will be available for you to review, analysis and understand using the Safyr interface. 

From there, Safyr’s extensive range of export formats can be used to provision a number of popular data governance and modelling tools as well as industry standard formats with the exact metadata that defines the PeopleSoft Pension processing features specific to a customer.

If you want to take a look at your own PeopleSoft Pension Processing, or any other aspect of the PeopleSoft data landscape that you are interested in, let us know and we can set you up with a trial Safyr® license to quickly see your own PeopleSoft system.

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